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It's easy to get start receiving Adrian's VIP Boxes!
We take reservations until the 28th of each month for the following month's ViP BOX.  Once you start, just let us know who and where you want your BOX shipped to. Click HERE to get signed up right now.

3 Month Minimum Subscription:
The program will run on autopilot until you tell us to stop shipping. We do have an initial 3 month minimum. We try to have a few additional boxes available in case you don't meet the 28th of the month deadline, so call us to see if any subscriptions are available.

One time gifts.
Several of our customers have a need for more than one box in a particular month. Subscribers can purchase an additional box for $35 + $8 shipping if needed, as long as we have boxes available. If you are not a subscriber, you may purchase a BOX for $42 + $8 shipping, however, we do give priority for extra boxes to our Subscribers. Click here to order One Time Gifts.

To Unsubscribe:
We'll be sad to see you go! Send an email to with the subject line CANCEL VIP BOX and we will stop shipping.  You must unsubscribe before the 28th of the month prior to shipping.

For more info, please feel free to call us at 620-543-6488 or