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About the Box

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Every Adrians VIP Subscription BOX is filled with specially chosen, themed items that we know our customers will LOVE! Some are brand new items that we learn about from our vendors, and some are customer favorites that maybe you haven't tried yet!

We shop very carefully for these items because we want our VIP BOX to make you feel exactly like that... a Very Important Person, because you ARE! We search out items that send a positive message, and make our customers or the people that receive the BOX feel great!  

Here's what our customers are saying...

"So fun! I loved everything in the BOX. Can't wait for the next one!" Jan H.

"WOW! The presentation is incredible. Love the rose! Suggestions...Occasion Boxes: Birthday, New Baby, Graduation, Retirement, Spa, Kitchen, etc. ~Lori C.

We'll be working on those ideas Lori!

As we are shopping, packing up and shipping these boxes, we are imagining how our customer, or the person that receives this box is going to feel.  We have had ViP BOXES go to a former college roommate that is fighting cancer in another state, to a 14 year old girl who just needed some positivity spread into her life, birthday surprises and to a granddaughter in college that just needed some encouragement.

That is what makes these VIP BOXES special...the impact that someone thought about someone and sent them a surprise! It absolutely makes our day!

Boxes are filled with $50 or more of hand picked items and they are priced at just $35 per month. It is always a great value!

For questions, please feel free to contact us at 620-543-6488 or email: